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Early 18th century Welsh English Bible

(with copperplate illustrations)

The binding is in the style of a reformation binding. The tools were specially cut for the project and are all typical of the late 17th and early 18th century with the recurring theme of tulips in various forms and colouring in the form of onlays and paint.

This style of binding came about as a reaction to the puritan bindings of the mid-17th century. With the restoration of the monarchy the binding trade began to use much more decoration on all forms of work, particularly religious, which had previously been somewhat drab. The endpapers are a modern reproduction of 'Dutch gilt' paper which was used for this kind of work and have been produced using the same techniques as were used at the time.

The forwarding of the book is also contemporary. It has been flexibly sewn on five hemp cords which have been used to lace on the boards. The headbands have been hand sewn on hemp cores and the gilt edge is original.

More detailed pictures are available in the Reformation Binding image gallery.

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